Ceart ma tha (right then) … Loon Mt NH, USA Highland Games 2010

Once again I find myself apologizing for a long delay in blogging. I have no valid reason, only excuse(s), but have been keeping a list of subjects about which to blog. So, let me resume with the New Hampshire Highland Games, held at Loon Mt, Sept 2010.

Jacqueline was unable to attend the games this year, but rather than stay home alone, actually with The Ghillie, I decided to drive north for a couple of hours on Saturday the 18th of September. It was a bright day, not warm, cold, damp or windy. Ideal as a matter of fact. Or, in The Gaelic Tha i breagha an-diugh (it’s a lovely day today).

Being a descendant of Highland, and Lowland, Scots I was keen to see what Border Reiver families (or clan if that word is preferable) would be represented, and to pay a visit to the Clan MacKay tent where Jacqueline had some tablet samples, courtesy Douglas MacKay, available for … sampling. Sadly I have yet to meet a representative of Clan MacLea/Livingstone at the games I have attended. My cousin Kyle is very much involved in their activity out west, and we (Jacqueline and I) would very much like to do the same here in New England.

Regardless, the border families (clans) were represented with tents and representatives from Bell, Graham, Turnbull, and Johnstone. The Bell’s had a rather interesting shirt available; sorry the picture is somewhat skewed; when I resized the image I used absolute width/height rather than percentage; so a portrait orientation was forced into landscape. Sadly, again, I’ve not ever seen a representative from the infamous Robson family; but I do enjoy sharing what knowledge I have of the Robsons, especially when I meet a Graham.

I spent several minutes chatting with Norman Turnbull, Clan Turnbull’s “High Seanachie”. Sadly I have no picture of him (I was too busy talking to him) but he gave to me a picture of the statue of Rob Roy MacGregor located at Culter Burn, Peterculter, Aberdeen, Scotland. Here’s a link to information about the statue. The picture is now hanging in our home office, which is more like a “Scotland room” at this point in time.

Finally, all the way from the Netherlands was a group of Malt Whisky drinkers, visiting a friend in the USA, who posed for a picture.

Next time we will be returning to Ile (Islay). Until then may the best you’ve ever seen be the worst you’ll ever see.

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  1. Kyle says:

    I haven't been to Loon in years, but can't wait to get back to it. I'm still holding out hope I might get a job back in New England this year. If so, we're headed to the Games together, cousin! Looks like a lot of fun!

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