Oor Alba Blog “header” with background picture

This post has nothing to do with Scotland per se (except that the picture was taken on the road between Ardbeg, and the Kildalton Cross) but if anyone is reading this blog, does the new banner, with the picture as background for text, “work”? As much as I like the picture I believe the text is too difficult to read. Comments appreciated.

ETA: reader response was that the “blue bells” banner was attractive but difficult to read. It has been replaced with the above picture of Loch Fynne, taken in Inverary.

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3 Responses to Oor Alba Blog “header” with background picture

  1. Susan says:

    Have to agree, the text is difficult to read. I highlighted it to see what it said. Black/dark brown text perhaps? I do like the picture!

  2. Kyle says:

    I would agree that the text is difficult to read…Picture is very nice though!

  3. OorAlbaBlog says:

    The readers spoke and we listened. Picture of pretty bluebells between Ardbeg, and Kildalton Cross, have been replaced with a somewhat larger image of Loch Fynne. Picture taken in Inverary. It's near this wee hoos … http://www.inveraray-castle.com/Pages/content.asp

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