A bheil Gàidhlig agaibh.

Tha, beagan !!!

Interpretation: Do you speak Gaelic? Yes, a little.

Actually, in Gàidhealtachd (Gaeldom), because the language is not separate from their culture, they refer to “having the Gaelic” rather than “speaking the Gaelic”. Therefore, the question “a bheil Gàidhlig agaibh” rather literally means “The Gaelic at you” or “Do you have Gaelic?” Another interesting bit is that the words themselves, rather than a voice inflection, indicate declarative, or inquiry.

A few weeks ago I began a journey that, unless I am greatly blessed and exceed expectations, will take 4 years; studying Gaelic at Acadamaigh Gàidhlig an Atlantaig. It is my dream/goal to live on one of the Hebrides in a Gàidhlig community.

Eventually I will be able to read the Gaelic Bible that I own, sent to me by Eaglais Chaluim Chille, (St Columba Church) in Glaschu. Glè mhath !!! Here is a link to their facebook page. Sadly, I do not believe the church has a website.

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