More travel notes from the notebook kept by Gram

Between Jun 28th and Jul 24th, Gram travelled quite bit back and forth, visting and shopping and site seeing: Coatbridge, Ayr, Dunfermline (near Edinburgh), Edinburgh, Burntisland (near Edinburgh), Glasgow, Cowdenbeath (near Edinburgh). She seemed to rreeaallyy like movies and other events such as vaudeville. Or perhaps her hosts like them and dragged Gram to the shows?

Regardless, a few highlights, one of which required quite a bit of digging; thank God for google and a large map of Scotland.

Jul 1: two hours in a ration line with very little to show for the time.

Yikes, I have lots to show for less than half that time in a Hannaford.

Jul 3rd: Shopping in Glasgow. Did not buy. Not impressed by quality or price.

Jul 11: woke with a terrific headache but had her migraine pills.

I know what that’s like. Sorry to read she suffered from that affliction.

Jul 12: she mentioned being “shocked to hear about the accident involving Linda Lockridge” but provides no further information.

This next entry required a bit of googling, poring over the map, and knowledge of The Gaelic.

Jul 15: “started out early to go for a sail to Tinabrouch on the Marchoness of Graham”

A google for Marchoness of Graham revealed many pages about a vessel called the Marchioness of Graham. Here is a link to a video of her being launched. Marchioness of Graham launch. If you google for the name you can read much more information including Clyde steamers. I have sent an email to the webmaster, asking him to confirm the next bit of information.

I could not find a reference to a place called Tinabrouch or any of my creative variations of Grams writing. So, I researched the area that the Marchioness covered, sat in front of our wall-mounted 3ft x 4ft map of Alba (Scotland) and began a sweep in ever widening circles around Ayr looking for something that might have been Tinabrouch. Only about 15 miles from An Tairbeart where J and I have stayed during our trips to Islay, I found a place called Tighnabruaich I believe Tinabrouch is Gram’s Anglicized spelling of the Gaelic name. Perhaps she feared a descendant would never make any sense of Tighnabruaich? In any case, as I mentioned, I sent an email to the webmaster of the ‘steamer site” asking if Gram could indeed have sailed from Ayr (or nearby) to Tighnabruaich.

Jul 19: train to Dun Eideann (Edinburgh)

She disembarked (minding the gap when alighting from the train) at Waverly Station. Been there, done that. Very cool. She shopped on High Street seeking a set o’ the pipes. But the cost was too dear. She did purchase a sporran, glengarry and some books which she had shipped to Ellen (I assume Aunt Ellen?).

She even saw the Royal Family. Not that I am impressed but she certainly was. She also visited Princes Street Garden. I am not much on gardens but Princes Street Garden is stunning !!! I attached a picture that I took of the garden. Grass very green in May !!!

July 24: left Dun Eideann, headed back to Coatbridge.

Time for me to sign off. More to come.

Note: by the time I posted this to the blog, from my email, I received email from the webmaster (previously mentioned) who confirmed Gram could have taken the Marchioness to Tighnabruaich.

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