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I developed (no pun intended) an interest in photography after I bought a Kodak P&S to take pictures, posted on Green-Manelishi, of the dive gear I invented. I subsequently began taking pictures of anything and everything I found interesting. This page contains links to various galleries.

Green Manelishi

Green-Manelishi was my first website, launched in 2004 and devoted (primarily) to my interest in SCUBA diving and a buckle that I invented. In 2010, I redesigned the site, removing the extensive SCUBA pages and placing much of the information on FaceBook. In 2012 the website was again updated and the original SCUBA pages (with updated content) placed in a subdomain of the .COM.

The original SCUBA diving pages from Green-Manelishi

My first website, Green-Manelishi, was primarily devoted to my life-long interest in (SCUBA) diving, and a piece of dive gear I invented. I launched the site in 2004, and it was very simple in format. Most of the information was ultimately removed and posted to FaceBook, but with relevant content updates, it is now on a sub-domain of the re-designed (as of 2012) Green-Manelishi.