You need to come down on the shelf !!! The MacAllan

Several years ago some former (cuz I got the push) co-workers invited me out for a drink to say goodbye, or perhaps good riddance.

During much chatter, about what I do not remember, the web-master asked if he could buy me a drink and, if so, what? I replied “Let’s slide on over to the bar to find out what’s available.” So we did.

I asked “Whaddaya have for single malt?” A question was answered with a question: “Whaddaya want?”

So, I quickly named two of the holy trio of Islay: Ardbeg, and Laphroaig. [Yes, I know about Port Ellen. But it's a bit spendy.]

And the response was the same in each case: “Nope.”
Now I am wondering how much good will come of this so with very little hope I asked about Lagavulin.
Again with the “Nope”.

“Well, I don’t seem to be doing very well here, eh?”
I was told that I need to “Come down from the high shelf.”
“Okay”, said I, “Tell me what you have available.”

She then proceeded to name not very many but one, The MacAllan, I had never tried. So I ordered one. Neat. The way whisky should be. I must confess that as an “Ile man” the sweetness took a bit of getting use to, but I have come to appreciate it and will in fact order one if it’s available.

What puzzles me to this day is why The MacAllan was considered, by her, to be an inferior whisky to the other three?

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  1. Christopher says:

    I recently helped consume an entire bottle of 12 year old MacAllan on a trip to Star Island. I too was taken aback by the sweetness, but enjoyed it heartily nonetheless. I remember noting how smooth a whisky it was, and the “effect” of it was very clean and actually quite invigorating!

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