A tale of two ciders !

Scottish Thistle and English Thorn

Two ciders !!! One sweet, one not.

Ever on the lookout for a new uisge beatha, or leann, I occasionally (but rarely) try something that is neither. Over the past couple of weeks mo bhean and I tried a couple of different ciders: Blackthorn , which is frae the land of the Sassenachs, and Thistly Cross frae the land of the Albannachs.

Black Thorn was very dry, and not very sweet; it took some time for me to appreciate its lack of sweetness. It also came in cans, something of which I am not a fan. However, I recognize that cans, because they block sunlight, do a better job of preserving the beverage.

Thistly Cross was “wetter and sweeter”; I guess it has to do with the in-famous sweet tooth (?) of the Scots; but not too sweet. Certainly not as sweet as much of the non-fermented cider I have drunk during the course of my life. It came in a very attractive bottle, which depicted a thistle.

Bha iad glè mhath !!!

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