Whisky, dinner, (and golf weekend) at the Wentworth by the Sea

Several years ago I was invited, as a Friend of Laphroaig, to attend a “Whisky and Golf” weekend at nearby, very up-scale, hotel; Wentworth by the Sea . Because I don’t golf I was not interested in the golf portion of the package. Because I live close by I was not interested in staying at the hotel. I was interested in the dinner and the whisky.

I called the hotel and explained the situation. I was told it was not possible at the time to buy only the dinner, but to call a week before the event, and if the packages had not been a sellout, I could purchase the dinner separately. So, that’s what I did, and my wife and I were able to attend the dinner. Four courses, each with an accompanying dram, followed by more drams, and cigars, on the veranda. Great fun.

What made it truly memorable was the Master of Ceremonies: Simon Brooking, Master (whisky) Ambassador. His knowledge of the subject is extra-ordinary, and combined with his personality and speaking ability the evening flew by. We’ve been blessed and thrilled to see him several times since then, in Scotland and the USA and count him as a friend.

So here’s a toast to Simon Brooking !!! Slainte !!!

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  1. ….an unforgettable evening, especially the after dinner drams & cigars outside on the deck, a magical beginning to a serendipitous journey & meaningful friendship.

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