Go! Whisk(e)y Weekend 2012

"Take away" from Go! Whisk(e)y 2012!

For the past few years my wife (Jacqueline) and I have attended the whisk(e)y event at Julio’s Liquor’s in Westboro, MA held end of February. In the past it’s been called the Whisk(e)y a Go-Go, but this year was termed “Go! Whisk(e)y Weekend”. I am unsure why the name was changed except perhaps not wanting to be confused with the Whisky A Go-Go in California. I do know this year’s event occupied a weekend; Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday, rather than only Sunday afternoon. Regardless of the length, this event is not only about whisk(e)y, it’s a fund raiser for charity, and this year more than $6K was raised !!!

I was able to attend only the Sunday event, and Jacqueline was unable to attend any of the event, but I drove down on my own to see what would happen. E0ach attendee to the event is granted 10 free samples but with more than 200 possibilities one needs a plan. So I had a plan, involving a guy named Peat but like most plans, the first shot “fired” caused a change in the plan. It all started due to having a few bars of tablet intended for a friend, Simon Brooking (Master Ambassador/Beam Global) but he was not in attendance. Hence I needed to “get rid of” the tablet, eat it, or take it home. I chose to “get rid of it” rather than eat it or take it home.

The first bar was given to the young man, Jobie Smith, standing in for Simon. Apparently he was unfamiliar with tablet. Now he is not; he tried it and said it was great. No surprise there. I then sought Ryan Maloney, manager of Julio’s, to offer a bar to him. That’s where it took off. He gladly accepted a bar then introduced me to others he knew would enjoy the “suiteas” (Gaelic for sweeties/candy) and the enthusiastic response was incredible. Ryan, and others, even expressed an interest in obtaining more. Tha sin snog !!!

Now back to the whisk(e)y and related highlights.

  • I had a fascinating conversation with a man named Doug who told me to try “such and such”; like I said, so much for the plan, but his suggestions were excellent.
  • One of the representatives who received a tablet offered a sample of a not-yet-available, rather smokey, expression of Bunnahabhain.
  • I hoisted a dram with Ed Kohl, Managing Director of ImpEx Beverages, near the end of the event, as I was telling him about my maternal grandmother, and my desire to live in Scotland.
  • Mr John Maclellan, general manager of Kilchoman, was at the GWW 2012. My wife and I met him in May of 2009, at the Bunnahabhain distillery during the Fèis Ìle. We met him again a year later. He remembered our conversations and it turns out he knows friends of ours that live in Keills. He said he would pass on our greeting when he returns to Islay.
  • As a student of Gaelic I was thrilled to learn that Mr MacLellan “has the Gaelic” and understood when I asked for a dram of “An t-Eilean Sgitheanach a-hochd bliadhna”. Obviously, as a native speaker he is far above my limited knowledge but it was a thrill to hear him speak to me.
  • It’s experiences like that those that truly make such an event enjoyable, regardless of how you spell whisk(e)y.

    Uill, mar sin leat an-drasda !!!

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