Na caraidean aig Laphroaig [Friends of Laphroaig] @ Demeters Steakhouse in Portsmouth, NH

Should be obvious !

Signs !

Near the end of March, the 29th if I recall, there was a FoL event in Portsmouth, held at the Demeters Steakhouse. Although Simon Brooking was not in attendance, the event was well hosted by Matt Marshall, and Kirsten Ininger.

Both my wife and I have been FoL for some time (even visited the distillery to claim our rent !), and each was allowed to invite one guest. The challenge then was ”Who to invite?” Ultimately only one of the persons who we asked was able to attend, and Fred has probably been drinking Laphroaig for many more years than we !!! It was a pleasure to invite him, and watch as he thoroughly enjoyed himself. 

From left: my wife (Jacqueline), Kirsten, Matt, Fred (friend of ours)

From left: my wife, Kirsten, Matt, Fred (friend of ours)

Whisky available for tasting: 10YO, 18YO, QC, Triple Wood. Of the four my wife and I had no experience with the TripleWood, but being FoL we sampled all of the drams !!! Most of the attendees were men so I asked if anything is being done to increase the number of women who drink Laphroaig and I was told the situation is being addressed. I have my own ideas of how to market such a smokey/peaty whisky to women but I am not employed by Beam so I suspect my ideas will remain unused in my head. Ah well.

Each attendee also received a ticket redeemable for a full drink of our choice at the bar. I ended up with two tickets, due to being handed the ticket held by one of the other attendees, who was leaving the event. I chose the TripleWood for my “full drink” and was a bit suprised (should I?) when the bar-tender asked if I wanted ice and/or water in the whisky. In addition to the whiskies were several very nice hors d’ouvres, and a few Laphroaig gifties such as shirts, whisky stones (the subject of a future blog entry) and key rings.

All in all it was a very pleasant experience with the exception of feeling somewhat chilly all evening, for no reason I could determine. Later that evening I became rather ill and was so for a couple of weeks. I assure you it had nothing to do with anything I ate or drank !!! We (wife and I) are looking forward to the next FoL event which we have been told will be held in Manchester, NH next month.

Until next time, “Slàinte.”

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