Abandoned To God

As previously posted, I am a fan of Oswald Chambers. One of the books I “recently” (a few months ago) read is Abandoned to God. It was probably the first book I’ve ever read, including the Bible, that I heavily noted, and highlighted. I even went so far as to take notes in a separate notebook.

OC was, to my surprise, an artist/poet of no small amount of talent. He thought that’s where he would be used by God. He never suspected, and even resisted the idea, that God would use him directly in missionary, evangelical service. But, as we all know that’s exactly what happened.

Bold as it might sound, I found parallels between his (OC) life and mine. I spent much of my life doing “one thing” and I was (and still am), according to others, quite gifted at it. Yet, despite years of experience, and education, I find myself working at other tasks to pay the bills, while God seems to keep the doors shut to a full time position doing “it”. True, I keep my hand in “it” as much as possible, and recently some unexpected doors have opened but it is still a challenge to keep the faith and trust in God.

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