Am I worthy?

Well that depends. Worthy of what, exactly? Of entering heaven? Not without accepting Christ as Savior, and trusting in His substitutionary death on my behalf. Scripture is quite clear on that subject. It (Scripture) is equally clear that God “loved the world” so I believe I am worthy of His love. Not because I have done anything to deserve it, but because it’s the nature of God. That does not mean He loves everything I do but there is a difference between loving behavior and loving the behaver. Now you might be asking what impelled me to bring up this subject? Simply because I grow uneasy when some speakers talk as though I am unworthy of anything and God views me as I might view the contents of the garbage pail; stinking and needing to be binned. I might be wrong but I will accept, as Scripture states, that God loved me even when I was His enemy (because of unforgiven sin) and use that as a positive motivator to pursue a strong relationship with Him through Christ my Savior. Comments?

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  1. Alfred says:

    Great post, really enjoyed it!
    — Alfred

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