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Cullen Skink (with garlic bread)301 viewsNear the end of my visit with Scott, in Dun Eideann, I was a wee bit peckish and we decided to have a slice of pizza at Mamma's American Pizza Company. Well, when I looked at the menu and saw "Cullen Skink" my heart leapt for joy. Cullen skink is a version of skink (stew) that was developed in Cullen, and uses finnan haddie (smoked haddock) rather than beef. I knew of it from an episode of Monarch of the Glen, and wanted to try it. Scott was game as well and we pronounced it delicious. Since then mo bhean (my wife) Jacqueline has made it at home. There's another story to go along with the experience; send an email to me if you are interested; be sure to ask about cullen skink, train depot.May 04, 2013
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Scott Miller "in close"315 viewsA "close" is like a covered alley. Many exist in Dun Eideann (Edinburgh), and I saw at least one in Dumfries. Perhaps the most famous is Mary King's Close, in Dun Eideann (Edinburgh);'s_CloseMay 04, 2013
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