Videos (slide shows) of the three trips I made to Scotland, and I am hopeful to make at least one more and complete my bucket-list of places to see. The videos were made on a Mac, very experimental in nature and originally intended only for family. Please note the formats are different for each one, due to the fact I was learning as I went along; over a period of a few years. I hope you enjoy the videos.

Cùm Gàidhlig Beò

Keep Gaelic Alive; a group I started on LinkedIn. I am very interested in the Gaelic language and culture (although it's not really possible to separate the two), and after not-too-successfully studying it on my own for a few years, in 2011 I became a student at the The Atlantic Gaelic Academy. I received many compliments from my classmates, and if all goes well, in 2016 I will "graduate" from the program.

Leann: Gaelic for Beer

Leann is the Scots Gaelic word for beer. I thought there needed to be a beer group on LinkedIn.

Scots: The Mither Tongue

Scots: The Mither Tongue. Another LI group which I started. Only a few members but I am hopeful.

Living Water Fellowship of Maine

This is my church family in York, ME. I lived in that area for several years and the Pastor became a mentor and friend to me. While I was there I served on a committee to oversee the "start up" of a community pantry through which the needy can obtain food.

Faith section of original GM website

My first website, Green-Manelishi, was primarily devoted to my interest in (SCUBA) diving, and included a rather extensive "faith" section. I redesigned the Green-Manelishi in 2010, considerably reducing the content of the faith page. Celebrating the launch of this site I updated the content of the original faith pages, leaving the formatting intact, and placed them on a sub-domain of the Green-Manelishi.