Sgrìobhadh [writing]

Faith blog

My Christian faith is central to my life, and some time ago I started a blog to share my insights and experiences. You might assume the paucity of postings indicates lack of insight, or experience. Truthfully what it indicates is lack of discipline to post from the growing list of "blog this" that I maintain.

Oor Alba Blog

In 2009, after too many years of only thinking, dreaming and reading about Scotland, my wife and I visited Scotland. We started this blog for the trip, and have continued to keep it, albeit it too is plagued by a paucity of posts. However, as God is my witness I intend to correct that shameful condition.

An Dram Buidheach

Exploring uisge beatha, and leann: whisky and beer. I wish it were so, but not all the events take place in Scotland.

Leaving and Finding Grimsay

A short story I wrote based on a visit to an abandoned village on Islay, an island of the west coast of Scotland. I hope you enjoy the story. [Note the layout of the story, including background color, is different from this website]

Technology is a tool, it is not my life.

Sharing my thoughts and experiences on the (mis)use of technology at home and in the office. As I feel impelled, probably due to reading Forbes, Economist, HBR, or Bloomberg I will comment on management and business.