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Much hay is being made on various tech forums and blog sites about the latest and greatest thing since sliced bread; cloud computing. One of the members of the Old Geek Registry on the LinkedIn social network started a discussion titled Deja Cloud and asked: “does anyone else feel we’ve come full circle? Cloud computing is what we were doing 30 years ago.” Forbes reminds us that cloud computing is not a new idea just a new name for what’s been done in the past.

One of my first software engineering positions gave me access to a configuration known as a VAX(VMS) Cluster. Multiple systems working together to share the load, the apps and the data; my data and apps were on “servers”, not on my PC. Actually, I did not use a PC; my connection device was a VT device such as a VT 420. I dare say clustering was very cloud-like but even better. Why? Because the OS was VMS and VMS is stable, robust and secure.

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