My tech experience ranges from PCs (and Apples/Macs) to mainframes, but I do not own an Xbox, or Gameboy, and I am ”Wii-free”. I have two business degrees, and several years experience in law enforcement as a Patrolman/Training Officer. I’ve held various computer programming, administrative and leadership positions, and am a substitute teacher. My brand is technology as a tool, not a life. Avocational interests include the history, languages and culture of Scotland; inventing and modifying SCUBA gear; blogging, completing a novella, and photography. I live with my wife, and a border collie named Ghillie, in a rented, 18th century cottage on a waterfront estate in southern Maine, but we all dream of living in Scotland.

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  1. Pam Costa says:

    Love your brand Michael. Sounds like your priorities are in the right place ;-)

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